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There is no better way to promote your organization then to register with sportsadvisor. Sportsadvisor's mission is to become the first place Canadians go when they are looking to participate in sport and recreation activities.

As a registered organizaiton you and your members will be able to post information about your programs, tournaments, clinics, and much more so that sport and recreation enthusiasts in your community will be aware of the programs you have to offer. You will also be able to promote your own community sponsors by providing them with greater exposure within your community.

Sportsadvisor is operated by Atthegym Sports and Recreation - a Canadian social enterprise that seeks to create and promote sport and recreation opportunities for all Canadians. Sportsadvisor sponsors are asked to support the network by purchasing a nominal $50 annual membership fee which is used to operate the network. Payment of the membership is optional and is only solicited if the organization and its members find the network useful. The optional payment is due 3 months following registration.

Before you register your organization you need to become a member. If you are not a member sign up now

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