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Sportsadvisor helps you:

Get recruited by helping you create your own personal sports resume that records your playing history, personal stats and achievements and lets you share it with coaches and team captains.

Find the best match ups for your team by letting you track the game results of other sportsadvisor registered teams.

Recruit teams and players for your tournaments, camps, sports programs and events by letting you post information on the sportsadvisor bulletin board and send alerts and notifications directly to other sportsadvisor members..

Manage your team by posting your schedule and results and sharing it with your players, fans and the rest of the sportsadvisor community.

Post reviews so that you can help the rest of the sportsadvisor community decide the right competition for them.

Get in the game by allowing you to search our extensive list of tournaments, sports camps, sports clubs and leagues and find the event, team, club, league... that is right for you.

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